To Grandmother's House We Go

Vacation days 11 and 12 (9/22 and 9/23) Visiting Nanny and Pop George... and a trip to the Florida Aquarium.

After having breakfast out we said a tearful goodbye to Grammy and PopPop. We then headed towards the Gulf to visit for a few days with Nanny and Pop George. It was an interesting car ride since Zoe seemed to be in quite the silly mood. But, we made the trip in a couple hours with our biggest problem being the locating of a Starbucks. (Thank goodness we rented a car with a GPS system!!!)

We had a very nice visit with Nanny and Pop George. We had a quick swim in their pool the first night before bath time. Nanny got to show off Zoe to all of her friends at Grandma Sally's (the restaurant where they have breakfast EVERY morning... and sometimes dinner too). We spent a morning at the Florida Aquarium. And, we made sure to get some nice pictures of Zoe with her great grandparents. (As soon as the pictures were clicked... Pop requested an 8x10 for his collection).