TiVo Challenge


Jodi over at Jodifer put up a post about the shows on her TiVo Season Pass list. She then dared us to follow her lead and share the (many many) shows we record regularly. She only listed her own shows not the ones TiVo'ed for her husband or son. So, I'll do the same. (Nick does watch some of the shows I watch but also has some of his own listed... and we have some for Zoe too.) So, here goes...

1. General Hospital. (Anyone who knows me knows I've been watching this FOREVER. I watched since I was tiny and spending time with my Great Grandmother, I watched in middle and high school with Aunt Pru and Uncle Jiggy after school, I watched in college with my roommates, and I watch now. My Great Grandmother watched, my grandmother watches, my mom watches, I watch. (Even Zoe loves Sonny!)

2. Lost. (How can the season be over? When is it coming back? What the heck is going on?)

3. Bones (Followed David Boreanez from Buffy, to Angel, to Bones)

4. CSI (The original... not Miami or New York... I love Gil Grissom)

5. House (Love to hate Dr. House!)

6. Grey's Anatomy (What can I say... I just love the drama)

7. Heroes (Started this late, but my brother got Nick and me hooked. We caught up with with re-runs)

8. Desperate Housewives (Also started this a couple seasons in, but caught up with Netflix)

9. American Idol (It's an obsession)

10. Brothers and Sisters (I missed Ally McBeal and was happy to see Calista Flockheart again.)

11. Ugly Betty (Sooo funny. Betty makes me laugh. Her sister makes me laugh. Her nephew absolutely cracks me up.)

12. The Wedding Bells (What happened to them? They just disappeared.)

13. Drive (Nathan Fillion is the main star. He was in Buffy, and Firefly/Serenity. I watched the 2 hour pilot and the 2nd episode... poof.... gone. Anybody know if it's gone for good? I thought it was a pretty good show.)

14. Big Brother (When does that come back? Is it coming back? I know it's a summer show... but haven't seen any ads for an upcoming season.)

I also just removed Gilmore Girls. So very very sad that the series is over. I was shocked. I'll miss Rory and Lorelai. sniffle sniffle.

So there you have it. My embarrassingly long list of "must-see shows". Do you have TiVo? Are you will to share?