Thoughts while cleaning the toaster oven pan

toaster oven pan.JPG


Wow. That is really dirty.

Screw it! Lets buy a new one.

But, when the s&%t hits the fan, I’ll wish I had that old toaster oven. There won’t be any Amazon to save me from the grease. Even if there's no electricity, it would be valuable for parts and maybe I could use the pan for some kind of protection?

Is it even really dirty or is that just discoloration? Bumpy, greasy discoloration. If I can wipe it with a paper towel and the paper towel is still clean  . . .

Ok it’s dirty.

How many V-bucks would I have to pay my son to do this? What is the V-bucks to dollar ratio? How many could he possibly need? I probably can't afford what I would need to pay him to do a good job.

Is it okay to use Comet on this? It looks exactly like Barkeeper's Friend, and that's ok for pans . . .

How can it be that Comet and

Brillo make no difference? Maybe less water? 

It burns!!!

More water?

Is it really dirty?

Is this made of the aluminum that will give us all Alzheimer's?

I can’t remebember.

Is this the Alzheimer’s kicking in?

*Insert rimshot sound effect here*

Screw it! Lets buy a new one. What was a little toaster oven pan going to do for me in the apocolypse?




toaster oven pan.JPG