This is the first I'm hearing of it.

The other day, I was talking with my mom about you know, life, and how she did survived the times in her life that match up with the times I’m now having. 

I think it was precipitated by going to the grocery store three times in one day because I just didn’t get all of the things we really needed the first two times. 

“One fix I have is that when you kids were here needing food, I had a pad of paper with a magnet on it right on the refrigerator so you could write it down when something ran out.”

Reader, I kid you not, this is the first I’m hearing of this. All those times I took the last Snyder’s Bavarian Pretzel or swig of milk, I should have been writing it down! How did I miss that? 

I have no doubt that the reason is NOT that my mom didn’t tell me. Even in those days, without social media or wireless earbuds to help, a girl could tune her mother out.

It got me thinking, what things are my kids not hearing? I mean, obviously all of the things. Except those times that I used excessive or unusually creative expletives or when I “clowned” on them in this blog. But will I be of a certain age, truing to pass on my mothering wisdom only to hear “That’s the first I’m hearing of it” from my progeny?

Things I think are brilliant that I’ll be able to tell my kids like they are brand spanking new in 20 years:

wet towels.jpeg