This is Halloween

Halloween is another one of those times that break mothers hearts. I’m sorry to say it, because it seems like everything makes me feel sad about parenting these days. But a stroll through the photos from Halloweens past is breathtaking. Was it only 3 years ago that my oldest really started to do costumes that required elaborate makeup?

She’s Betelgeuse today, but I didn’t even see her because she pulled out in her car as I returned from dropping her dad off at the train station. She’s now an eligible voter with a driver’s license and a car AND a high school senior with the ability to go in late if her day starts with a study hall.

No, No,No.

She’s a tiny lion cub.

She’s a cat and then a bat and then and never, never a princess.

She’s something on her own, never a group costume, never an is-this-ironic-or-not Sesame Street character or one of a rainbow of crayons.

Okay, I’m on memory lane now.

One year, she was a complete recreation of my clown costume made by my mom and passed on to me for this very purpose. Joined that year by her brother as Batman, also the first costume he wore that didn’t make him cry (he hated lion cub, squid and something I don’t remember because I was 35 weeks pregnant with twins.)

And then the next year, when everyone first posed on our porch, a witch with orange and black striped tights and ghosts dangling from a pointy black hat. Batman became Robin, which i almost can’t call a Halloween costume, it was worn so often and kept in the car for awhile in case crime struck (It never did, but we did meet a tiny batman once at the playground which definitely called for a quick change of clothes). The twins wore fuzzy costumes I found on a rack at Stop and Shop, a puppy and a bear.

And then it all blends together. Things we bought, things we made, more and more costumes no one really understood but looked cute. We don’t put pictures of our kids (or even our young adults) on the internet, so I can’t show you what she looked like.

And I wore costumes too, inspired by being with the kids and how much fun they had. Admittedly, they were pretty understated and conveniently substisted mostly of items I already had and that were flattering. I think the best was Amelia Earhart. And as a class mom I dressed as Galadriel (flowy white dress, kids leftover dainty crown, elf ears — everyone has a pair of those laying around) and then Medusa (same costume minus ears plus rubber snakes in hair) but I was two busy class parenting to get a picture.

amelia earhardt.JPG