The Third Row

This photo was taken in 1979... so I'm 6 and Jim is 3 (exactly the same ages that Zoe and Ana are now).

I have no idea exactly what was going on the moment this photo was snapped... but all 3 of our faces just crack me up.

Was my brother doing something to make my dad look at him that way?

Why are my dad and I both sitting with our hands folded in our laps?  Why isn't Jim?

Was my dad thinking "why did we let them sit next to each other?"

Were we all eating candy?

I love the curtain rod and curtains hanging in the back of the van.

I love that we are sitting on a piece of our sectional couch.  Really... a piece of our couch in the van.

Where were we going?

There must be some story to this.  I wish I knew what we were all thinking.

If nothing else... this picture is just dying for some awesome caption.  Any suggestions?