There once was a boy named Pierre...

We haven't had cable for 13 days now. I'm slowly dying from the withdrawal symptoms. I am aware that sounds melodramatic... but that partly comes from the HOURS I have spent on "hold" with Optimum via phone, live online chat, e-mail and Twitter (both @Optimum and @OptimumHelp)... not to mention that different service workers (both outdoor and indoor) have been here (and today were no shows) and I still don't have service (and indoor said he couldn't do anything because outdoor didn't actually do the job they said they did... what a waste of everyone's time!!!). One of the biggest frustrations is that the customer service people don't seem to communicate with each other. It doesn't seem like the different departments know what other departments are doing. Frustrating all around (not just for me... I know the indoor service guy was less than thrilled to show up at my house to find out he couldn't do anything).

The last thing I heard today was that "the tech who went today referred this to construction". I never saw a tech today (and I was here). I don't know if they meant the indoor tech from yesterday that called it into the outdoor crew for today? Or does that mean an outdoor crew (that I didn't see) came today and then passed it onto construction? Are Outdoor and Construction different?

I don't know... because Twitter stopped tweeting and DMing back and I've been dropped off of the online chat queue 3 times tonight (after waiting an hourish each time).

On the bright side... we do have power and the DVD player (which I know is a lot more than some people have after Hurricane Sandy. Believe me I know). Zoe and Ana have been watching the Scholastic Books DVD series. And of all of the hours of songs that have played this is what's stuck in my head.

I wish I could be like Pierre (before the lion) and just sing "I don't care" through this experience. But... I want my TV back. And my own internet.

I have started talking back to the voice of "Hold" and when he thanks me for my continued patience and understanding I assure him that he is quickly losing both. I don't think he cares.