The Toy Shop Experience: Shop Local


There's not enough time or space to list the perks of parenthood. Each day is an adventure and every year gets better.

I've already started to share some of my childhood traditions with my girls, but there's a long list that awaits us. Sadly, it seems roaming the aisles of Toys R Us isn't going to be an experience I can share with them much longer. At 3 and 1 they're not quite aware of just how cool it is to wander the aisle of a toy store. However, eventually they'll be old enough for toy store pandemonium. My only wish is that there'll be aisles for them to skip through as they scan options for birthdays, Christmas, or just because.

I know commerce has changed. The way we shop, the things we buy, the time we save via the Internet isn't lost on me. I get that things evolve. But, must we lose our beloved toy stores?

If you read this blog frequently then you know I'm in a full blown love affair with our town. It's special here. One of my favorite places to escape to is Tons of Toys. In a way, it feels like a step back into childhood. It's a bonafide toy store with aisles jam packed of the latest and greatest options for play. I've never met employees more knowledgable and keen on toys. The ultimate bonus is the free gift wrapping, which has saved me on many occasions. It feels good in there. It feels like a toy store should, overwhelmingly fun and full of possibility.

While I liked the size and volume of my Toys R Us shopping trips as a child, I also loved the times I'd venture to the local toy store with my parents. It felt different from the big box store. Even as a kid I picked up on the personalization and uniqueness of the experience.

Things have certainly shifted. I'm a Target lover, Amazon advocate, and Costco fanatic. However, my local spots remain my go-to. Places like Tons of Toys need our business. And this might sound dramatic, but we need them too. These types of stores give us more than merchandise and it's all the feelings of yesteryear that keep me coming back for more.