The Time Has Come To Throw Out Your Bathroom Junk

Gather 'round, everyone, I have something extremely important to tell you. It's okay to throw out all that stuff in your bathroom.


You know what stuff I'm talking about. The myriad bottles and cans and tubes of hair and skin care products you haven't touched in a year. The products that you tried once and didn't like, but didn't NOT like enough to throw it out. The stuff that has accumulated like so many Tribbles around your bathroom, relics of another time. The ancient hair serums, face washes, moisturizers and hair sprays that were replaced but never tossed. You have them. It's okay. We all have them, and I am here to tell you it's fine to throw them out.

You're not being wasteful, you're being practical. Look at that can of hairspray that hasn't been used in a year. Are you really, truly, ever going to use it? I'll answer that for you. No, you're not. It's been kicking around your bathroom since last summer, and you found another hair spray, a better hair spray, months ago. It's okay to throw out the old one. Really, it is. Chuck it. Toss it. Put it in the trash, because that's where it belonged a year ago, and it's where it belongs now. You'll feel so much better once it's gone. Same goes for that half a bottle of face wash that has been collecting soap scum in your shower. Ditto that conditioner that never really conditioned, but didn't quite make it to the bin when you replaced it. All of it goes in the Hefty bag, and it goes today. It's fine. You can do this. Let it go. Yes, just like Elsa.


I know, because I did it last night. I realized yesterday morning after a friend had posted on Facebook that it's okay, you have permission to toss all those products, that I needed that. I needed permission to chuck all that junk, and once I had permission, I noticed that I could barely move in the shower because of the graveyard of abandoned shampoos and conditioners and body washes that had somehow multiplied on the floor. That's when I made the decision that they were going, and they were going NOW. Twenty minutes later I had a garbage bag full of useless products, and I tossed them before I could talk myself out of it. And it felt good. It felt REALLY good.


Because once you dispose of all those things, you will realize that you never needed them to begin with. By throwing away all those things, you will be rid of the frustration with those damn conditioners that don't condition, and the shampoos that stripped the color out of your hair three godforsaken days after you dyed it, and the face washes that left your T zone an oil slick. You moved on from them ages ago, but you kept them? Nay! Away with them! And lo, you will see the bottom of your shower, and the back of your medicine cabinet, and you will rejoice, because all that crap that reminded you of the money you wasted will be gone.

You can do it. Throw it away. Throw it all away. You'll feel so much better.

Trust me.