The Shoe Fairy

It’s that time of year again—the inevitable and dreaded seasonal shift of clothes from summer to winter. A few weeks ago, my daughter and I spent a rainy afternoon going through her dresser drawers. We dumped out all of her summer tshirts and shorts. I then held each one up for her to determine which pile it would go into: keep in drawer, get rid of, or save for next year. Since it was still warm out, and her school is always hot, we didn’t do the summer/winter swap yet. This was more a preliminary clear-out. Once we got all the too-small and I-would-never-wear-that clothes out of the way, and returned the favorites to her dresser, we were actually able to close the drawers easily, something that we have not been able to do for most of the summer.

Next, she determined that she would do her hung-up skirts and sock drawer herself, and did a great job of clearing things out. Then is was on to the shoes…

Unlike my son, who has one pair of good sneakers, one pair of old sneakers, and a pair of dress shoes (that are only worn during the mandated school chorus concerts), my daughter had a huge pile of shoes—high boots, dress shoes, sandals, sneakers, flats, etc. Even though she rarely wore most of them, there’s something about getting rid of shoes that takes a bit more, um, convincing. She usually tries to squeeze her feet into them, then demonstrate that they still fit fine by limping around the house. She soon realizes, though, that it is time to let go.


That’s when she becomes the Shoe Fairy.

Our neighbor is three years younger and a huge shoe lover! With her in mind, my daughter separated the shoes into groups: too stinky/ripped/broken ones went in the trash, plain or basic ones went in the donation pile, and the special ones—like the hot pink suede peep-toe wedges we bought at the consignment store for Becca’s Halloween costume, or the silver strappy chunky heels she insisted on wearing to Thanksgiving—went in the Shoe Fairy bag.

I texted our neighbor’s mom to make sure she was ok with a new Shoe Fairy drop-off (she always is!) and then we drove around to her house to deliver the bag to their doorstep.

“She loves them! She was trying to convince me that she fits into them now,” her mom texted back.

Yet another successful Shoe Fairy delivery! She must be quite busy this time of year, as I’ve heard that our neighbor is now going through her old shoes to provide a delivery to her friend’s younger sister.