The Other Side of Quiet (book review & giveaway)

The Other Side of Quiet was written by Tara C. Allred.  This post has been organized by The Book Stalker.  I was provided with a copy in exchange for my honest book review.  All opinions are my own.

About the book:

The Other Side of Quiet

Mrs. Childs's creative writing students are expected to keep personal journals for self-expression. But when clues from a murder investigation cause police authorities to confiscate the students’ journals, writing intended to be private is no longer. Words meant to liberate now condemn. And an innocent writing project, meant to empower students, as well as rescue Mrs. Childs from her own personal tragedy, now open deep conflicts within the class.







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My review:

At the beginning of The Other Side of Quiet, Tara C. Allred notes that she struggled with how to go about writing the 10 students' journals.  She wanted them to seem like authentic work of 15 year olds... 9th graders that knew their writing wouldn't be read by anyone else, and therefore probably wouldn't worry about grammar or spelling, and would probably use slang, and cursing.  But... she also wanted to avoid putting off her readers.  I have to say I think she did an amazing job of balancing it all out.  The individual journal posts felt like they could have been written by students... especially students that had been accepted into a special writing class.  Not only that... but she did a wonderful job of writing in 10 different voices.  Or, 10 students AND Mrs. Childs, their teacher.

With so many characters I sometimes wonder how an author would possible supply the full development of each one.  Being able to read each journal really was a brilliant way to do it.  The kids each revealed so many truths about themselves and their families.  I loved the diversity in all of the family structures (single parents, same sex parents, divorced parents, foster parents, supportive and "functional" and all kinds of "dysfunctional... etc)... but how the teen insecurities were a constant.

I have to say though... my favorite thing about the entire story had to be how Mrs Childs related to her students, comparatively, before and after the journals were read.  Even though the journal project didn't go at all how she intended... I think the end result with how she was able to truly effect her students lives was amazing.  Not only that... but how she was able to internalize all that she then learned from them and refocus her own life made me really stop and think.

While the mystery surrounding the murder investigation gave purpose to push the story forward... the heart of the story was really the growth and relationships between teacher and students.

Meet the Author:

The Book Stalker

TARA C. ALLRED is an award-winning author, instructional designer, and educator. She has been recognized as a California Scholar of the Arts for Creative Writing and is a recipient of the Howey awards for Best Adult Book and Best Adult Author. She lives in Utah with her husband.

Her published works include Sanders' Starfish, Unauthored Letters, and The Other Side of Quiet.

She is also the founder of theOther Side of Quiet online creative writing group (


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