The name doesn't say it all: Madison Bagel Cafe has salads, sweets and space to talk too

When Madison Bagel opened on Waverly Place in the spring of last year, owners Regina and Dan Taskila were thrilled to expand their business into the picturesque destination downtown of Madison. Expanding on their bagel store business (they also own Goldberg’s Bagels in West Hartford, CT) they were ready to make the trip — starting as early as 3:30 am from Mountainside — to get the bagels going for Madison’s morning meal.

Bagel varieties.jpg

While Madison Bagel lives up to its name with 21 bagel flavors (from standards like everything to the less familiar french toast and jalapeño cheddar) there are other things to try here too.

On a recent mid-week lunch visit, I tried one of the 6 salads on the menu. It was a generous greek salad with house made grilled chicken breast. A romaine mix with plentiful onions, olives, tomatoes, peperonchini were chopped and tossed together with their house viniagrette beautifully. I have had their asian sesame salad before as well, and it is also the kind of meal sized salad that diners will know was not an afterthought on the menu.


I also had some of their coffee, which is a self serve affair with several choices in java as well as in dairy. They even have non-dairy milk at no extra charge.

And they have so much else to enjoy! There are panini-type hot sandwiches on house made focaccia grilled in a press, soups, classic sandwiches and a full breakfast menu with the requisite taylor ham, egg and cheese sandwich. The bagels are completely covered in their toppings and definitely new york style, boiled and baked at the store.

“We do have way more than bagels, “ said Regina Taskila. “We have a ton of regulars that set up their laptops and we 100 percent welcome kids.”

Toward that end, Taskila said they planned the layout of the generous seating area at the store to accommodate strollers. And there’s the gourmet, store made donuts, topped to order. They’re not just for kids, and there are some really indulgent toppings, dips and drizzles. I’m getting hungry just writing about it!

Madison Bagel Cafe is at 23 Waverly Place in Madison (973-845-6008).