The Last Days of Summer: Ice Cream for Lunch

It somehow happened. Summer came, we gave it our all, and it’s almost over. What’s with the supersonic speed? I feel like it was just May and I was planning and plotting our family adventures and outings. Now we’re wrapping it up and getting ready for September scenes.

This last week before Labor Day is always my favorite. Strolling down Main Street, walking around Dodge Field, desperately seeking and consuming the sweetness of summer, and finding love in every crook and crevice of Madison, it’s hard not to feel grateful for another spectacular season. And while our splashes at the pool will cease until next May, the memories will remain and sustain us until next year.

And even though the ice cream scene is strong in Madison, we had one out of town ice cream trip left in us this summer. Today, we crossed off two final items on our summer bucket list, ice cream at Magic Fountain, and ice cream for lunch. It feels like this is the type of activity that summer welcomes and celebrates. Watching eyes dance over extra sprinkles, seeing happy smiles because of cookie cones, and listening to laughter via silly faces felt like the perfect ovation to a summer well appreciated and lived.

Yes, ice cream for lunch pretty much summarizes my summer 2019. But don’t mourn its impending departure too much. Every season in Madison offers something special and unique. Fall, we’re coming for you.