The Greatest Pirate Holiday Spectacularrr!


If you have elementary aged kids... and you're going to be staying local for the Winter Break, think about fitting in a little pirate fun!  After receiving an email from Christopher Leidenfrost (who is one of the shows co-creators and plays pirate Captain Henry Martin) I was really disappointed that we won't be around the Pirates' entire showing.  Their previous show (The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told) had some amazing reviews... and the videos show a really fun show.  We were offered some show tickets... and I'm really happy my friend Cecilia is able to go with her family.  I'm excited to hear what she, and her kids, think!

About The Greatest Pirate Holiday Spectacularrr:

When a crew of misfit pirates sets out to break a curse by putting on a musical, holiday spectacular(rrr...), they find themselves in need of some help when several important bits of their plot go missing!  Now, it’s up to YOU to fill in the blanks as they improvise a brand new, holiday adventure full of swashbuckling song, dance, sword fights, and boatloads of laughs for all ages! Can five pirates, three ghosts, a bumbling Sea Witch, and Charles Dickens himself rewrite the classic tale... before it’s too late?

The New York Times calls the SPECTACULARRR! “inspired” and exclaims, “Charles Dickens must be rolling in his grave- with laughter!”

"I love this show," says one of the show’s creators, Christopher Leidenfrost. "Between the piratical elements and the improvisation, this is a completely original retelling of one of the most famous holiday stories ever written. It’s quite literally a different show every time. There’s something for everyone: sword-fighting, slapstick, terrific music, and an amazingly gifted cast of improvisers who sling jokes that are both for the kids and some just for the grown-ups (who sometimes get more in to calling out suggestions than their children!)”



Kid friendly, interactive musical


Theatre 54 is part of the Shetler Studios complex located at 244 W. 54th Street, on the 12th Floor (elevators available), between Broadway and 8th Avenue.


Performances of THE GREATEST PIRATE HOLIDAY SPECTACULARRR! begin Christmas Eve at 11 a.m., along with 11 a.m. performances on December 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, and January 2 and 3.

Public transportation:

Accessible by the B,D, and E trains (7 Ave/ 53rd St.)

Show run time:

1 hour 15 minutes

How much?:

Tickets for THE GREATEST PIRATE HOLIDAY SPECTACULARRR! are $50 and $75 (save $10 with code Web40)

To purchase tickets:

Tickets can be purchased online at OvationTix, or by calling 866-811-4111. More information can be found at