The Devotion of Dads: For Them and For Us


This Madison mom has big plans for the upcoming weekend. It's time to celebrate Father's Day and I couldn't be more excited to hang with my husband. He's an incredible daddy to our girls and I feel overwhelmingly grateful for his presence and passion for family.

I met my match in college. We've been together for fifteen years and married seven. He's the ying to my yang and a constant source of inspiration, joy, and endless surprises. Best described by my three-year old as awesome, he's changing the game when it comes to fatherhood. For this, and for countless other reasons, I love him to the moon and back.

Father's Day is an opportunity to showcase my appreciation and respect for his parental title and responsibilities, but it's also a chance to reflect on our vows, the ever-evolving nature of our relationship, and the general goodness that exists in our daily lives.

The most important thing I've learned in my parenting adventures has been about valuable and visceral change. Some changes are slight, barely noticeable, or welcomed while others are loud, almost deafening, and brutally forceful. Regardless of where you stand on change, it would be foolish to deny that becoming a parent doesn't change you in some way, shape, or form.

It has transformed my husband.

After long and sometimes grueling days, he returns home equipped for pretend play, silly jokes, and dance parties. When he's trying to steal sleep, no matter the lack of energy or exhaustion, he'll save space for cuddles. His thoughtfulness known no bounds.

Whether he's cooking up pancakes in the shapes of Disney characters, ushering me out the door for self-care as he paints our oldest child's toenails, or showcasing sandcastle skills, the man is incredible.

But he's not perfect. The problem with modern-day parenthood is the expectation or demand for perfection, which is not only unrealistic but incredibly unhealthy.

He's has a goal to be consistently present for us and he works at it. Like any other job, it takes extraordinary determination and effort to focus on family. His commitment challenges me to be equally present.

I'm always amazed with where we're at and how we got here. Fatherhood has been good for him. It's repositioned and reaffirmed him in various avenues, which has served us well. And while it feels like I've known him forever, I've discovered him in a different light.

For them, it's something special. For us, it's something more. It's about no words and many words and the love that exists in between. It's a gift to bear witness to the depth of a dad's devotion.

Happy Father's Day!