The Chirpy Birds that regularly nest in Ana's hair have been busy.

Every day when Ana wakes up we tell her the Chirpy Birds have been busy building a nest during the  night.  That... or I start singing "My Hair Had a Party Last Night" (by Trout Fishing in America.... it's a funny song). Today was no different... but later in the morning this was the conversation...

"Mommy, I think there might be something stuck in my hair."

"I think it's a slinky."

"Could you just cut that part out?"

The kid has had a slinky stuck in her hair... and gum stuck all over the front of her shirt today.  I don't feel guilty at all telling you that this girl is a disaster.  I love her to pieces... but if you want something messed up, destroyed, spilled, stuck in her hair, etc... Ana is your girl.

The kid cracks me up.