The Babysitters Club of Madison, NJ


It's been a little less than one year since I moved to Madison. To say that I've fallen in love with the community is an understatement. Madison has become an invaluable and inspirational hub of activity for my family. While we're happy to have established roots, our branches are scattered throughout the northeast.

Our nearest family member is an hour away. Both sets of grandparents live out-of-state. We're like a lot of young families, desperate for quality and consistent babysitting options. Accessible and appropriate employment is a large part of my passion within the college classroom. When I taught high school, I regularly sought out summer sitting jobs. While writing letters of recommendations for students, I encounter babysitting as a pivotal portion of professional experience. These tidbits of trade led me to thinking about a local source where a community is gathered, trained, and transformed by relevant opportunities. In addition, as a consumer and community constituent, I felt excited by the chance to hire within a committed and vetted group.

Enter a Madison Mom's Colleen Bohensky. The founder of a Madison Mom, Colleen is a passionate proponent of community. She founded a Madison Mom as a means to connect and collaborate with people of various backgrounds and paths. A writer for Colleen's website, I clearly believe in the mission to forge connection and deliver information in a unique but comfortable capacity.  When I shared with Colleen my desire to combine my own experiences on the sitter circuit along with a meaningful program for the sitters themselves, she enthusiastically endorsed the endeavor. In fact, we entered into a partnership to form The Babysitters Club of NJ. 

We desire for sitters and families to feel enriched by quality service, experience, and success.  Our goal is twofold: to be able to offer a platform where families and sitters can connect and to equip and empower sitters in their earliest professional endeavors. This club is so much more than babysitting. We offer job training, social etiquette experiences, and friendship. We take advantage of our online community and in-person workshops to showcase local organizations and opportunities. Our curriculum is a celebration of local love, resume and cover letter skills, CPR/safety certification, interpersonal communication, and social media savviness.

If you're interested in learning more, we'd love to welcome babysitters and their parents, parents looking to hire sitters, and/or anyone interested in the experience to our first informational session. We'll be at Step Right Up Studio in Madison, NJ on Friday, June 29th at 7:30 p.m.