Tempted: House of Night Book 6 (book review)

written by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.

I downloaded Tempted yesterday and I finished it today.  All I can really say about finishing this book is that I'm going to have a horrible time waiting for Burned (book 7) to be available.  I tried to order it the moment I read the last word of this book... but the hardcover isn't even being release until late April.  I can't see ordering a hardcover book... and there isn't a date for the paperback... and it's not available yet for Kindle.  I wonder how long it might be before it's available at the library.  ACK!

I read the reviews on this book before I started reading and I was expecting to be disappointed.  I don't think I agree at all with any of the reviews I read.  I enjoyed it just as much as the first 5 books.  I couldn't put if down.  I was reading well past midnight last night... and I read during every moment Zoe and Ana allowed me to read today.  Now I'm annoyed that it's finished and I can't move right on to the next book.

So... either this means the reviewers are all horrible judges of books... or I am.  Hmm.