Taking Photos in a Blizzard

I received an e-mail early this afternoon from Stuart Chirls (the editor of the Madison Patch... my favorite local news website).  He asked if I "could shoot any images outside your front door and send them".  (We're in the middle of a "blizzard" and the Acting-Govenor has declared a State of Emergency)

So... I started clicking away.  My favorite shots during my day are the first shot of each trip outside.  I love the progression of the fallen snow. 

1:45 pm

3:00 pm

4:30 pm

6:00 pm

7:30 pm

*edited post and added one more at 10:15 pm.  A few more inches!

I'm so happy Stuart e-mailed.  It really made an interesting snow day photography project.  It was a challenge to get the camera set so it would take the photos with the heavy falling snow and then also in the snow and dark.  The photos taken from our doorstep under the awning cover were definitely the clearest.

And...if you go look at the Madison Patch article a lot of my photos were added to Stuart's article on today's snow.  If you click through my photos all say "credit Colleen Bohensky".  I'm a little embarassed to admit how excited that makes me.