Swing to a southern state


Last week, we went on a road trip. Back to my ancestral (okay childhood) stomping grounds: Virginia. I grew up in Washington DC, but my grandparents retired to a lake community in Virginia, where I spent a lot of time. My parents now have a weekend home there, and that's where we usually visit them in July. Off we went, to a place my own immediate family (husband and kids) understand to be the deep south. We had such a great time hanging out with my parents and even getting to visit with my aunt, uncle and cousins and their families for a reunion. I was in hog heaven (pardon me while I slip into my southern roots*) The kids were excited to meet my extended family -- it has been ten years since I have seen many of these people, and my kids were too little to remember most of them, plus a few new faces have been added along the way. As for the rest of the time, they were a little more like visitors to an exotic theme park. They think everything is a little different in the south. So I took some pictures along the way. Can you guess which are from Virginia and which are from New Jersey? Respond in the comments and I'll confirm whether you are correct!

  1. Ooey Gooey treat


2. Not quite a rind


3. Not quite magic


4 Can a smoothie be made in a blender from 1984?


5. Hermit crabs are native to both NJ and Va . . . .


I'm excited to see if people can figure these out (I think savvy ones will find it easy).

*I am not actually southern. I grew up in Washington DC, as I said. In DC, it's very clear who southerners are, and they are not us. We are cosmopolitan residents of the capital of these united states. We don't have accents and we don't say hog heaven. Cross the border to Virginia, though, and it's a little different. Also everyone in the New York area thinks DC is the south and several transplants, myself included, will play that up for fun.