Swimming all by herself...

Another beautiful morning at the pool in the development. Looking at these pictures... I sure miss taking a dip in that refreshing (but not the slight bit chilly) water. I could use it today!

I also miss it because Zoe is not napping nearly as well now. The sunshine and swimming would wear her out... and by nap time she would just conk right out. Nothing seems to make for a better snooze.

Her are pictures of Zoe jumping. Just watching her climbing out and jumping in (over and over and over and over) were exhausting. She had so much fun though. I can just hear her "again Grammy, again!" and PopPop laughing at her.

I also have a pretty decent video showing how well she could swim "all by herself" (with the aid of her floating jacket). She was doing so well... there's no way I can skip signing up for swim lessons again. We'll have to keep practicing!

After we had enough swimming we would all get out to drip dry and relax in the sun with a snack. Not only was Zoe good at swimming... she was pretty good at lounging, too! (Aunt Pru enjoyed watching us at the pool!)

When snack time was through we were ready to head back to the house. Usually Zoe was the one to tell us it was time to go. "Bye bye pool!"