Sweet Curried Carrot Soup

I'm not one to post recipes. That said, I'm posting a recipe. But this recipe doesn't just taste good - it makes life infinity better. And easier. I make this at least twice a week so I can keep it stocked in my fridge at all times. It's that good. What is it?

It's soup. Healthy, easy to make soup. Good for a quick lunch, snack, pick me up - whatever. Having this in your fridge keeps you from reaching for the sugar laden, junk food answer to your hunger.

Cold - it's amazingly refreshing anytime of the day.

Hot - it's like a warm hug.

This is a recipe that you can make using whatever veggies you have on hand - fresh or frozen - it doesn't matter. Use those veggies that are just about past their prime. Add in any spices you'd like. Every ingredient it calls for is probably already in your pantry.

Here it is - and it takes less then a half hour - start to finish. I usually make it while I'm getting breakfast ready. But do it whenever it works for you - just do it.

Sweet Curried Carrot Soup



2 tbs butter

1 onion - diced

1 tsp curry powder

2 tsp salt (sounds like a lot, but you're making a lot of soup!)

1/4 tsp pepper

4 cups water

2 lbs carrots - or any veggie you want, chopped into 1 inch pieces

approx. 2 more cups water


Melt butter in medium pot.

Add onion, curry powder, salt and pepper.

Saute until onion is soft, about 5 minutes. (It smells wonderful right now!)

Add 4 cups water and veggies.

Bring to a boil.

Simmer for 20 minutes.

Puree with an immersion blender or a blender/Vitamix.

Pour into a pitcher. I put mine in a Pampered Chef pitcher I had on hand, but you could also use this.

Add more water until you like the consistency.

Store in fridge and enjoy!

Keeping this always on hand means you have a quick HEALTHY snack on hand. No more grabbing the cookies and hating yourself right after.

Hope it saves your sanity!

Evelyn Cucchiara, aka Mrs. C. of Art Adventures and TheToy Tamer