Sunday Scan - Halloween 1960

I've been working away at scanning my Aunt Prudy's photos.  I've scanned 255 photos so far.  I've gotten into a kind of routine... figuring out pretty quickly which photos to scan (there is just no way I can or need to scan ALL of them) and then scanning and naming the photo files.  I've even got myself all set up with files by decade (1930's being my oldest file right now... but I know I'll have one labelled for the 1920's when I get to the album with Aunt Pru's baby photos.) 

I figured today I would share a Halloween photo (since we just celebrated Halloween on Friday here in Madison).  This is actually a photo of my mom on Halloween 1960.  You have to admit her homemade robot costume is pretty crafty.

Don't you love thinking of your parents when they were kids?  I love the photo, but my favorite part of this photo is the story that came with it.  When my mom and Pop George (my grandfather) were looking at this photo with us they pointed out that they actually built the costume on her.  They put her in the boxes.  They wrapped and taped up the paper.  They wrapped her arms and legs with tin foil.

Now that you're looking at her all perfectly wrapped up... take a moment to think about her getting into the back seat of a car without being able to bend at the middle (unless they completely took the costume apart).  She had no choice but to lay in the back seat of the car.

From their story telling I can't look at this photo without imagining my mom struggling into the back of the car and then laying sprawled out flat on her robot back across the back seat.  And THEN what it must have looked like for her to get out of the car.

I giggle every time I see this.