Sunblood (book review)

Sunblood was written by Maria Mora.  It is her first novel (novella).  I read Maria's blog, Mommy Melee... and I'm "friends" with her on Facebook.  When she asked if anyone might be interested in reading her new ebook (ages ago... ) I jumped at the chance.  Her book description fit right in with my favorite types of stories.

Description from Amazon:

Caleb, sub-citizen 45201, is a psychic slave in the massive biodome known as the City -- the only civilized community left on his wasted planet. He can’t remember his life before he was taken to the City and experimented on by scientists trying to control his unusual gift.

Despite having no rights, Caleb knows his life isn’t all that bad. His Keeper, Daniel, secretly allows him to play in the minds of the City’s inhabitants. Caleb likes Daniel -- probably more than he should -- and once in a while the cafeteria has some delicious cookies.

Caleb’s small freedoms don’t seem like all that much until even those are threatened. When Caleb is targeted by those who fear his powers, he discovers exactly how much he has to lose.

I've read my fair share of dystopian fiction lately (it seems to be my genre of choice at the moment).  Mora did an amazing job of telling her version and giving it her own spin.

Let me start with what I liked least about Sunblood; it was TOO SHORT.  While I really enjoyed the characters and the story and the writing... there wasn't enough.  It felt like there just weren't enough pages to do the story  justice.

That's not really a bad thing. I think Mora's writing style is fabulous.  In a short number of pages I knew I was going to love the characters.  The descriptions gave me such a clear picture of the story she was telling.  I loved the developing connection between Caleb and Daniel.  I just wanted MORE.

I'm really hoping there is a sequel in the works (or maybe even a rewrite into a fuller novel?).  I want to know so much more about Caleb.  I really want to know more about Daniel.  And, I especially want to know what happens next in their story.  The end... that just can't be the end!