A Sun Kissed Mom Fail


Considering the fact that when I looked at my weather app last week, I saw a cactus next to the temperatures listed for Sunday-Wednesday, I had some sort of an idea that my son’s soccer game was going to be brutally hot! He played on the turf field at the MRC and boy was I right! There was no place to escape the sun except for the small covered area by the snack concession stand. My husband dropped my son off early so I could stay home and get everything ready for the game. By everything I mean cold sliced oranges for the team, snacks and drinks for my other two sons, and water and snacks for the baby. The first thing, however, that went into my “bag of tricks” was the sunblock. I brought the spray for the boys and the baby cream for my daughter.

As soon as we arrived at the field, I “set up shop”. I got the chairs out and ready as well as the blanket set for the kids to sit on. Within in minutes I was spraying and lathering up the kids in hopes they wouldn’t leave the game with bright red cheeks! The game began and the sun just never let up. I kept checking my kids and reapplying their sunscreen when necessary. I was pretty proud of myself about how diligent I was being. I’m very guilty of applying it once and then having to be reminded by my husband to apply more. The game finished (with a victory I might add) and the team relocated from the MRC to McCool’s for a great after game snack. It felt great to escape the heat for a while. Many of the boys and their families were talking about their afternoon plans. Some were going home to relax, some were going to eat, some were even heading to the community pool. We had other plans. We were heading to an outdoor barbeque to celebrate the birthday of our good friends’ daughter. That meant one thing…more sun!

When we pulled up to the party we saw everyone was outside in the yard. They had their swing set, bounce house, and pool all set for all the kids to play with. I, once again, brought my kids over to the side and sprayed the boys and lathered up the baby. What a fun time we all had. We stayed for a few hours, the kids played, we all ate, and just enjoyed the company and watching our kids simply have fun. As we were getting ready to leave, we decided to go inside and say goodbye to everyone who came in to escape the heat. While walking to the front door, the diaper bag slid off my shoulder. When I lifted it back up I realized that I, once again, concentrated so much on my kids that I forgot about myself. Both of my shoulders were sporting a color that can only be described as tomato red.

Please tell me I’m not alone in this. I was concentrating so much on making sure my children didn’t burn that I completely forgot to apply one drop of sunscreen to myself. I guess the saving grace is that while my shoulders, back, and forehead may feel like they’re slightly on fire, my 4 children are quite comfortable in their NON sunburned skin! Thank you Coppertone for consistently protecting my boys and thank you Boomer Phelps for advertising, via Instagram, your love of Baby Ganics Sunscreen. My daughter seems to have survived her first scorcher! Now, if only I can remember to “share the wealth” and apply some to myself, I’d be in business!