Summers End

It is the last day of our VERY busy summer.  I feel like we were just having the last days of kindergarten and toddlers.  But now I think back over the last couple of months and can't quite believe what our schedule contained.  It's hard to believe I was just planning out our activities and trips and now today's schedule includes running out to pick up Zoe's back to school supplies and stopping by the school open house to meet her teacher and see her new classroom. 


The summer really has been FULL.  I'm sure you could tell from my (lack of) blogging that my time was spent being with my family.  If you're friends with me on Facebook you might already know some of our summer stuff (since it's so much easier to update there while on the go).  My family was up from Florida to visit and we went down to visit them, too.  I went to San Diego for BlogHer (and had an AWESOME time).  Nick and I went (without the girls) for 2 nights to a wedding in Virginia.  We also just got back on Sunday from a cruise to Bermuda.  When we WERE home we spent our time at the pool or having fun on little day trips. 

Now summer is suddenly coming to an end. We had an awesome time.  I know we made a lot of fun memories.  But, boy.... was I a busy stay at home mom.  I'm ready for a vacation!!!  The realization is now hitting me that I might actually be getting some time to myself soon.  It's a little bittersweet.  Free time does sound amazing... but my girls are growing up.  Zoe will be gone from 8 am when the bus picks her up, until 3:30 when it brings her back to me.  I already feel myself missing her.  And starting next Monday Ana will be in preschool from 9-12 on 4 mornings.  I will actually have a couple hours alone.  I'm having trouble imagining it.  (Although as I type I'm having a discussion with Zoe and Ana about how it would be nice if they could give me 5 minutes... JUST 5 MINUTES!... of calm quiet... so 2 1/2 hours sounds like HEAVEN.)

So how will I spend 2 1/2 hours alone 4 days a week?
Food shopping by myself.
Making appointments for haircuts and dentists and doctors, etc without getting a sitter.
Doing laundry without little hands helping.
Sorting through toys (and clothes) without little people saying they NEED to keep EVERYTHING.
Scanning Aunt Prudy's photos.
Tidying clutter.
Sitting in a quiet house.

And maybe... just maybe... getting back to some regular blogging.  I might actually get to tell you about BlogHer and Florida and Bermuda and Virginia.  Imagine that!

So, excuse me in the next couple weeks if I seem a little melancholy or lost.  I'll be missing my girls a bit and trying to figure out what to do with myself.  But... you might also see me doing a happy dance around town while I enjoy a latte BY MYSELF.  I might die of happiness with the first quiet calm sip.