Summer Survival: Places to Go, Things to Do


Summer is officially upon us! So now what?!?!

Over the past almost three years of writing for A Madison Mom, I have blogged about so many great activities and places to go with kids. To help you with your summer plans, I’ve compiled links to many of them below. I hope you find some great places to go and things to do with your kids!

Places to go, things to do!

Biking the Traction Line A flat 2.7-mile trail along the train line, starting in Madison, running up to Washington’s Headquarters in Morristown.

Our Day at Duke Farms (Hillsborough, NJ) A great place for a family bike ride!

Our Hike to Tripod Rock (Montville) Pyramid Mountain is a great place for a family hike!

Our Day at Sunrise Lake (Morris Twp) You can get a day pass at Sunrise Lake, and also try out the paddleboats and inflatable obstacle course on the lake!

Trailside Nature Center (Moutainside) Awesome (and FREE) nature center about 20-minute drive away. take a picnic lunch, enjoy the great playground, or hike the trails, too.

Washington’s Headquarters Museum (Morristown) Great (and FREE!) interactive displays about the Revolutionary War.

FC Motown Soccer Team Returns to Madison (Madison) A National Premier Soccer League team that plays out of Drew University. There are is still one home game left in the season (June 26@7:30pm), and, hopefully, playoffs!

Museum Passes at the Library The Madison Public Library offers free (or reduced price) passes to tons of museums and places in the area!

Guide to Must-Do Events for Madison Newbies A quick list of must-do Madison events, including a few summer events, like the Downtown Concert Series and Girlada Orchestra Concert.

Cool Places to Go in Philly Head to Philly and check out some of these lesser-known locations.

Genius Gems: A STEM-Based Play Space (Millburn) This STEM-based play space has free play time, camps, and other events!

Outdoor Summer Concerts Head outdoors to hear live music. (Some of the links will be to 2018 events, but you can still look them up.)

A Nice Day for a Hike A list of my top 5 favorite hikes in the area for families.

Ringing Rocks Park (Upper Black Eddy, PA) A nice day trip to a field of boulders that make music when you hit them with a hammer! (be sure to take along your hammer!)

Look Up (Madison) Go for an architecture walk through downtown Madison! How many places can you identify?!?

Museum of Early Trades and Crafts: A Madison Treasure (Madison) Be sure to check out this great museum in our town! They also do summer camps!

Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center (Chatham Twp) A fun place to explore inside and out on the trails!

Good Clean Fun: Soap Carving! Kids will love using a plastic knife to turn a bar of Dove soap into a masterpiece!

Camp Taylor Campground and Lakota Wolf Preserve (Columbia, NJ) Flash back in time with this campground, then visit the beautiful wolves at the preserve.

Sussex County Miners Baseball (Augusta) Check out this minor league baseball team! Other minor league teams include Somerset Patriots (Bridgewater) and New Jersey Jackals (Montclair).

4-H Fairs You will need to look up the current Web sites for the 2019 dates, but this blog will give you an idea of what you will find there. Also, other counties have 4H Fairs throughout the summer, so look them up!

Madison Library’s Summer Reading Program (Madison) Again, you will need to find the current info yourself, but this blog gives you an idea of the program and events they have had in the past.

Anchor Golf Center (Whippany) Mini golf, driving range, outdoor batting cage, and footgolf—a fun day out!

How to Survive a Snow Day OK, I know it won’t be snowing this summer, but some of these tips apply to summer, as well!

CUT—Our Timed Crafting Game! A goofy little timed crafting game my daughter made up.

Mom Camp My daughter and her friends enjoyed their week of Mom Camp, planned and run by their moms—and them!!

The Great Egg Drop of 2016 A fun challenge for kids to try!

Glassworks—a DIY Glass Fusing Studio (Morristown) Glass fusing for kids and adults!

Family Game Night Favorites Bring out the games for a fun family night!

6 Card Games Every Family Should Own Great card games to play at home or take along with you on vacation!

Connecting the Generations Kids spending time with the grandparents or other relatives this summer? Here’s a way to get fun family conversations started.

Sibling Sport Survival Kit This kit works great for when siblings have to spend hours at the sports fields, but also for car trips and vacations!

My Kind of Live Streaming Head to a local creek to cool off, look for insect larva, and try rock stacking.

Morristown Game Vault (Morristown) See if you can beat your kids in the arcade games of your youth at this spot filled with classic video games.

The Magic of Dutch Wonderland (Lancaster, PA) A cute amusement park for kids!

Shakespeare Outdoor Stage (Madison) This blog is from 2016, when they had The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) (Revised) on the outdoor stage, but this year’s show, William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged), is sure to be just as funny! A great night out for the family! Click here for this year’s play details and times.

Giralda Music & Arts Festival (Madison) Though this wonderful annual outdoor symphony concert was this past Sunday, mark your calendars for next year—it is usually the second to last Sunday in June. This blog dates from 2017, but it will give you an idea of what to expect (hint: a fun family-friendly night out with a great outdoor symphony concert!) Start thinking about a themed picnic now—we won some great prizes when our baseball-themed picnic won fourth prize in 2017! (I think we could have scored higher if we had baseball-themed food. Oh, well!)

Summer Bucket Lists

Summer Bucket List A list of fun things for all ages to try.

Life Skills Bucket List for Teens and Tweens Get them started learning these life skills!

What to get your kids volunteering?

Helping Kids to Give Back: Part 1 Some ideas of how to get your kids into volunteering.

Helping Kids to Give Back: Part 2 And more volunteering ideas to do with your kids.

America’s Grow-a-Row (Pittstown and Milford) Find out when you and your kids can head to the farm to pick fruits and vegetables that will be delivered to people in need.

Dog Walking Fieldtrips (Madison) Head to St. Huberts to take a shelter dog on a walk for an hour, or a whole day!

Still looking for camps?

Day Camps

Sports Camps

STEM/Animals/Nature Camps

The Arts Camps

Social Studies and Language Camps

Preschool and Special Needs Camps

Quick Dinner Ideas

Dinners in a Dash Spent too long at the pool and the family is starving?!? Ideas for quick dinners.