Stroller Situation: Where Would You Like to Go But Can't?

My stroller feels more like a bus. These days the stroller market is competitive and complicated. You've got your single seaters, double, triple, or sometimes quadruple situations. Add in the umbrella and jogger options and you've got yourself a scene. And aside from interchangeable seats, there's the storage, accessories, and actual children who occupy the space. And while I could rattle off brands, tips, stories, etc. I have one problem with my stroller, which is local accessibility.

To begin, there are a lot of businesses that have ramps or street access for the stroller. For this, I am grateful. However, there are still a considerable amount of places or spaces that lack accessibility and if you're like me, an avid walker, then it's problematic to get into and/or shop local. 

Now a smaller stroller might fit the bill, but my dynamic duos' little legs tire easily, and I walk far and often throughout the week. So I'm wondering, where's a local place or storefront that you'd like to visit with or be able to park the stroller nearby? 

This is the type of action or scenario that I'd never imagine I'd be so passionate about or pursue. But four years ago I didn't have the children or gear that I do now. I wasn't aware of how dependent I'd become on a stroller or how errands via the stroller would either facilitate comfort or usher in chaos.

I love shopping local. I walk to town at least two to three times a week and often daily in the fall and spring. At first glance the idyllic setting of downtown Madison captured my heart and I've never looked back. And as I was thinking about my stroller situation I couldn't help but wonder about wheelchair access as well. How do we get into the storefronts that have a step? It's the question that keeps me thinking...and strolling.

For now, let me be clear that there are plenty of spots where I can get my wheels into and shop freely and happily.  I am grateful for this and so much more. I love when walking is emphasized and encouraged so here's to moving, Madison. Historians who like to stroll, check this out!