Spun (book review)

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About the book:

SPUN COVERBorn to a King of Chaos patch holder with a case of wanderlust and a self-centered mother, twenty-one-year-old Nevada Weber is used to taking care of herself. She's spent her life skating by on her wits and pure determination. When she lands in a situation, she can’t haggle her way out of, she’s forced to rely on another brother for help.

Club enforcer Gage “Wizard” Carmody has done his job too well over the years. Icy and numb on the inside, he walks around in a prison of his making. When the bright green-eyed girl he helped raise winds up unclaimed and in need of protection he steps in seeking redemption.

In a life where destruction lurks around the corner, they discover something with the potential to bring healing and happiness. But when you live in Chaos nothing goes as planned.


SPun 11

My review:

I don't think I ever really thought about children being born into the motorcycle club lifestyle.  Or at least... not being born into it, and then being an adult.  Especially not born and then abandoned to it.  Nevada lived exactly that life.  I guess it kind of worked like a foster family in a way.  She was passed around to whichever biker's family would take her for the time being.  It sounds like a horrible way to live... but I suppose in a way the bikers' club worked as a family.  It wasn't adult she was older (a teen and young adult) that it became really hard for her.  A woman in a biker club is something to be claimed... used... owned.

Enter Wizard (Gage); a friend of Nevada's absentee father... an uncle of sorts.  He claims her to save her... and you can't help but immediately love him.  I loved reading as the relationship between Gage and Nevada grew.  It was fun to read as they learned how to navigate their own relationship while giving the appearance of "biker and old lady" in the club.

Oh... and what a twist.  My heart broke.  I won't ruin the story... but it wasn't until the big twist that I realized how much a really loved the relationship between Gage and Nevada.  I find myself still thinking about them, and wondering how they've continued on once the last chapter of this book was at it's end.

About the author:

Author photo 2Shyla Colt grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, but has lived a variety of different places thanks to her wanderlust, interesting careers, and marriage to a United States Marine. She's always loved books and wrote her very first novel at the age of fifteen. She keeps a copy of her first submission letter on her desk for inspiration.

After a lifetime of traveling, she settled down and knew her time had come to write. Diving into her new career like she does everything else, with enthusiasm, research and a lot of prayers, she had her first book published in June of 2011. As a full-time writer, stay at home mother, and wife, there's never a dull moment in her household.

She weaves her tales in spare moments and the evenings with a cup of coffee or tea at her side and the characters in her head for company. A self-professed rebel with a pen. Her goal is to diversify romance as she continues to genre hop, and offer up strong female characters.

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