Spring Has Sprung: It's Time for Adventures


If you're reading this, we made it! After a brutal winter filled with all the elements and then some, we survived. Spring has sprung. My family spent the majority of the weekend outdoors. It's amazing what a little sunshine does for the soul. I also noted everyone slept a little better after expending energy at the playground or getting dirty in the garden. All in all, it was a solid weekend of play and rest.

With the arrival of spring comes some exciting opportunities to get out and explore. I am seeking simple and accessible places given the two little ones and inevitable evolving factors that are synonymous with children. And while I love our town and all of the incredible places and people worthy of our time, we're eager to explore more of the greater Morris County area. Our spring must-sees are based out of interest, upon recommendation, or our good friend "Google."

Without further ado, here's my adventure list for Spring 2018

  1. Lewis Morris County Park: I'm told this park is known for their Lake Beach Club, but I'm super excited about the trails, picnic spots, and paddle boats. Whenever I get to stretch my legs someplace new, I get excited about things the littles will see as "big time" adventure. I know my 3-year-old will be dancing in delight over paddle boats.

  2. Montville Community Park: I don't know what it is about new or different playgrounds, but my kiddos go bananas for the chance to make their mark in a new place. Rumor has it this is a favorite playground for toddlers, which is my target audience.

  3. The Busy Bee: Millburn's newest indoor playground is the perfect spot to escape a rainy day or let the kids wander when they're bouncing off the balls at home. I'm waiting for when the weather is less than desirable and then we're off to check out the scene. There's a happy hour (and a half) rate of 10.00 per child Monday-Thursday from 3:00-5:30 p.m.

  4. Valley Shepard Creamery: We're pretty excited for the lambing tour. I'm told I'll get to snuggle a baby lamb for a photo op, so needless to say this is a personal favorite activity on the list. Since this place has a pretty serious cheese shop, it's also fun to grab a bottle of wine to enjoy a picnic on site.

  5. Pirate's Cove at Turkey Brook Park: On the warmest spring days before it's officially pool season or the water temperatures aren't quite friendly, there's the beloved splash park. I've heard great things about this place and I'm hoping to go before school officially lets out and the crowds are bigger and the weather hotter. It opens Memorial Day weekend.

Once we've marked these off the list I'll report back with findings, general reviews, and tips of the trade. Here's to getting outside, finding new places, and savoring our people. Spring, it's good to see you.