Our Spectacularrr Time with Pirates

On a rainy Tuesday immediately following Christmas, I took the family to see a show in the heart of Times Square. It was called "The Greatest Pirate Holiday Spectacularrr!" I didn't know what to expect, other than the fact it had to do with pirates and the holiday season. I thought it would be a good experience for the kids to see a live performance during their winter break. What a treat it turned out to be! IMG_2540 While it is not your typical grand Broadway theatre, it is a low-key building with a pirate who greets you by the entrance of the building and escorts you to the 12th floor performance space.

The show begins with Captain Henry Martin (played by Christopher Leidenfrost) and his shipmate Percy Primwhite (Marc Mills), who explains that the evil Sea Witch has cast a spell upon his crew, and she sent them to the future and turned them into actors. His crew consists of Lucy (Emily Rouch), Libby (Olivia Harding) and Angus (Kevin Maphis). Angus is unhappy and makes a deal with Sa'almanella, the Sea Witch, to help put on a musical spectacular. In return, he wants to become a pirate again with his own ship.

The play the pirates choose to perform is A Christmas Carol, a classic Charles Dickens story. And who happens to help them along the way? Dickens, himself! Unfortunately due to an ink spill, some words are missing and they need the audience members to help them complete the story. Anyone who is familiar with Mad Libs would get a kick out of some of the suggestions!

The young children in attendance probably would not get the literary reference, but certainly those who do, and the adults, would appreciate the ridiculousness and the fun of changing the story. During our performance, Scrooge was named Mary (!) and lived in a large sandcastle, and his true love was Guinevere, the local silversmith. He was mean to his crew, especially Bob Dimwitt. Scrooge hated the holidays and was often heard saying, "Bah Megranate!"

All in all, the show was terrific and entertaining. The actors were collectively a talented bunch who had most of the audience doubled over in laughter and some with tears in their eyes. Their quick wit and improvisational skills were quite impressive. One thing that could use improvement would be a better speaker system, which was a bit muffled and prevented us from hearing what was being said.


The show is over in New York City, but their tour continues throughout the year and all over the states. I would recommend that you take the family to go see this highly talented and engaging bunch of misfits if they happen to be performing in your neighborhood!

It looks like the next time they will be here near us would be in May for the Pocono Mountain Renaissance Festival in May.  But...will be announcing more dates soon.  Please check out their website for more information.