Special Person Day

On Thanksgiving my 4 year old niece, Nina, walked up to me and asked "Aunt Colleen? Will you go to school with me on Special Person Day?"

And then my heart exploded... the end.

Well, not really.  But it could have happened that way.  I mean... it's not every day that someone picks you as their person for Special Person Day.  It does make you feel... well... SPECIAL.

My sister-in-law, Andrea, gave me a whispered "You don't need to feel obligated.  I can take her myself... I tried to get her to pick me since it would be easier.  She just kept saying 'nope.  I want Aunt Colleen for my special person'".

But honestly all it took was looking into her big brown doe eyes... and having her say "Please Aunt Colleen???" and there weren't any good excuses NOT to be her special person. 

So yep.  That's me.  Nina's Special Person.

Nina even wore her "I love my Aunt" shirt.

Special Person Day lasted an entire 1 1/2 hours.  It may have been the most exhausting 1 1/2 hours of preschool I have ever experienced.  We fit more activities into that 1 1/2 hours than I normally do with Zoe and Ana in a whole week.

We were introduced at circle.

We played a game of Nativity Bingo.

We each decorated a large sugar cookie girl or boy.

We made a Nativity place-mat for Nina to use on Christmas.

We made cinnamon dough ornaments.  (Nina is like me, in that we used every little bit of dough.    EVERY LITTLE BIT OF DOUGH.  We made 6 ornaments when most of the kids made 3.)

We each finger painted a little wreath.

We had story time.

We had snack time and we ate the cookies we decorated and had a choice of hot cocoa or hot apple cider.

After that... I was ready to come home and take a little nap!

It's simply exhausting being someone's special person.  Exhausting... but worth every moment.