SOOC Saturday - Madison Santa Parade

Every year, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, there is a parade in Madison (NJ) welcoming Santa and the Christmas season. This year was our second time actually going to see the parade. It was almost exactly the same as last year... chilly, dark, that big guy in the red suit was the parade finale, etc.

This year Zoe was less confused and more excited. I think Nick was just about as cold. Oh, and of course we had Ana with us this year. (Actually, I guess she was with us last year too... just in a much warmer place.)

Zoe was insistent that I sit with her on our blanket. (I swear when we weren't taking pictures we were paying much closer attention to Ana in the stroller.)

Once Zoe's cousins found us she had no more use for me on that blanket. I was just heartbroken.

After Santa came along we followed the parade to the center of town (which we could see from our parade watching place... good planning). I believe there was a much bigger crowd this year because it was warmer. The mob all huddled around the unlit tree waiting for Santa to perform his magic.

And after a little waiting, a few jingle bells, and a countdown... our town tree went from this...

to this...

After we ooo-ed and ahh-ed a little bit Ana reminded us that she was cold and tired and hungry and still annoyed that we were out in the dark so we headed home.

I guess for SOOC the photos aren't so bad. I truly need to learn how to use all the fancy settings on my camera. Maybe I'll figure it out by next year's Santa parade.