Sometimes I'm surprised by what comes out of my camera.

I haven't been using my "real" camera too much lately.  My iPhone gets more use as a camera than my DSLR.  I've heard it said that the best camera is the one you have with you... and my phone is always handy at a moments notice.  Because of that, I've been feeling a little out of practice when I do pick up my camera.  The pictures I've been taking haven't been thrilling me. That said... it's time to work on getting something Christmas card worthy.  I figured I could get in a little practice (or the PERFECT shot) before heading to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving.  The girls were freshly bathed... dressed up by their own choice... in a good mood from the thought of an afternoon with their cousins... pretty perfect conditions!

But, they were also pretty antsy and excited.  They didn't exactly want to stand still for me.  There was a lot of giggling and wiggling.  After a few minutes I gave up.  From the screen on the camera in the bright sunshine I couldn't tell if I'd even been able to get a single shot.  I put the camera away and headed off to fill my belly with turkey and the trimmings.

Today I tried again for some card worthy shots.  The girls were more cooperative.  We had more time.  I was more patient.  (And we were dressed for more "normal" seasonal weather.)  No one was waiting for us to get to a big family holiday dinner.  I'm thrilled with the picture I ended up choosing for our holiday card (which I'm not showing you now).

I AM showing you the photos I took on Thanksgiving.

I sat down at the computer to upload all of my photos... and THESE photos come out of the camera.  These amazing girls are looking at me from the computer screen and my heart just melts.  In the middle of their wiggling and giggling... I got them.

While Zoe is so full of silliness... and so full of strong emotions... this photo really just captured her sweetness.

And Ana... oh, Ana.  She is so sweet, so loud, so shy, so demanding, so loving, so smart, so frustrating.  She is just SO EVERYTHING!

It amazes me how different 2 sisters can be... while being so similar.