Sometimes I wonder what the teachers think of us...

I was looking through the pile of papers that Zoe & Ana took out of their homework folders this afternoon.  They bring all of these random things home, mostly on Fridays, and Sunday night they empty out.  As they get older, there are less and less things I feel the need to save.  Lots of math dittos.  Spelling tests. Reading questions answered.  The normal stuff that just isn't interesting to keep. Occasionally there is a really creative art piece.  Around holidays we can find some things to be added to decorate with.  Sometimes there is a story written really well. But... once in a while something comes out of the folder that just calls out to be saved.  Something that the kids NEED to see again when they get older... because they truly don't appreciate them now.  Things that need to be shared... because someone else needs to think "what in the world is going on in their heads????"

Things like this...


Did Mrs. Smith see this drawing Zoe made?  Did she comment on it?  Will I hear about things like this at conference this week?  Has Zoe been to visit the guidance counselor?  Are Zoe's friends going home and talking about the stories Zoe tells to their parents?  Because... while I don't  know what the "I will kill you in your sleep" is about... Emmett totally kills rabbits (and mice, chipmunks, moles... the snake did live) and brings them to us as gifts.  And they tend to end up headless.  But "beheading them is fun"?  Um... ok.

Wish me luck at parent/teacher conferences.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

I'm attempting National Blog Posting Month again this year.  I've been a HORRIBLE blogger in 2015.  I barely post here... even though I have a lot of things I can (and have said I would) write about.  So let's see what NaBloPoMo 2015 brings us.