Something Spritey this way comes

I told you guys a few years ago how we came to have an Elf on the Shelf. As a refresher, we had avoided this tradition until my youngest were in the fourth grade. To be entirely honest, I felt pretty good about this. I really thought it was a parenting win! All the stress and commitments and gift buying for the holidays really seemed like just about enough without adding in a small doll who raced back to the North Pole nightly and then reappeared in a new place. Every day.

( Don’t call me a grinch. Even if this is my dog:)


Back to the elf — my daughter was of a different opinion. This is what she had to say.


So, we got “a elf”

This year, our elf stayed in the North Pole, I guess, because she hasn’t shown up. Possibly this happened last year. No one was very curious about it or actually noticed.

But something else came into our lives just after Thanksgiving.


This was a purchase that literally attracted interested bystanders as we checked out at Stop and Shop. Apparently this is a seasonal drink supported but a stop motion style animation advertisement you can find on Youtube.

(A brief explainer: the commercial depicts a party held by DRAM —the musician supplying the tune -- which goes horribly wrong until a clay version of LeBron james comes and says “Wanna Sprite Cranberry?” which makes everything better)

This being the 20teens, the ad has inspired some less understandable yet ever more relevant memes. (Yes, that search for Sprite Cranberry memes set this blog post back four days).

So what was a mom to do? Just let her 16 year old son have a case of soda all to himself? We don’t even drink soda at all as a family. Plus he hid the case in his room the moment we got home, so I knew this was an opportunity.

A few days later, this happened.


Right there in the Christmas Tree! A Sprite Cranberry can with a Santa hat, arms and big blue eyes — with eyelashes! And each morning or random time of the day my teenagers were sleeping, this little sprite elf found more to explore.

The cat was interested.

The dog was not


She found some interesting things in the house:

I’m not sure what the Sprite Cranberry Elf is all about. The kids are pretty decently behaved, and I’m not sure that Sprite Cranberry would really tell on them anyway. I think Sprite Cranberry would be the type to teach them cool vaping tricks, to be honest.

This is where I found him this (late) morning.

Dead Sprite cranberry.jpg