Something Simple

I’m a coffee fanatic and spend most of my days with some caffeinated concoction in hand. Please don’t judge, especially in these summer months when camp mom is in full effect. We just returned home from a trip to the beach with the kiddos and extended family. A return to routine is always challenging on all parties, but my girls took it particularly hard this time around. Today I had a sitter lined up as I had some previously scheduled appointments and obligations. A serious crime was committed as I realized I hadn’t had a cup of coffee at 10:00 a.m.

I’m a brand loyalist. I’m a Drip girl, but it was a tad too loud for my workload this morning, and due to a lack of caffeine, I lost patience. So I wandered down to Simple Coffee and unearthed a clean, modern, and sweet space that was filled with light and lattes. I had a delicious cold brew with foam and found a shady table outside to write freely and quietly.

Madison’s caffeine scene is impressing me. I like the addition of Simple Coffee, continue to love Drip, and believe there are a few other places to savor sips. With this noted, where’s your go-to place for coffee?

On this Monday in mid-July I’m wishing us all full cups.