Some Florida Pool Pics (from May)

Once again... my procrastination and lack of time has gotten the better of me.  We were in Florida in May for 2 weeks.  I'm posting in June.  I suppose I should be happy that it's only a month or so since we were actually there.  I think I actually enjoy posting them late.  It gives me a chance to look back and remember what a good time we had.  How relaxed we were.  How little schedule we had to follow.  June is just so crazy and hectic that it's nice to think of just sitting in a pool.

Zoe is becoming quite the swimmer.  Nick has visions of swim team.

Ana would spend all day in the pool if you let her.

This photo was actually taken between swimming sessions.  Just a little relax and snack in the sun.  She was right back in as soon as her cousins came over.

Oh those big blue eyes...

Talk about being able to kick back and relax.  Gracie had quite the time just floating around in her tube with Grammy and Jim.  Oh... and in the background there... that head and pink swim suit?  That's Avery.  That's the only picture I found of her on this day.

Gracie and Ana are quite the little friends.  They played REALLY well together this time.  Well... they played really well together until they didn't.  (I'm sure you can all understand that.)

Oh brother... avert your eyes... it's a full moon!!!!!  ACK!!!!  (By the way... I don't believe my brother will ever truly grow up.  He's like Peter Pan. Not that I'm saying this is a picture of my brother.)

My cousins Mayci and Travis stopped by to see us.

Look!  I was in the pool too!

"I'm gonna get you Mommy!"

Bathing beauty.

Gracie's eyes are as brown as Zoe and Ana's are blue.

You can just see the glint of trouble in Ana's eyes.  I swear you can tell what a handful she is just from this photo.