Some decorating, some driving and a delicious dinner!

Vacation day 8 (9/19)

More proof that you can't turn your eyes away from a toddler for more even 1 second...
"Hey Grammy! You're right, these curtains need a change... I'll help you take them down!"
"Hmm... now how do I get down from here?"

A visit to the Florida Mall.
"OK PopPop, let's head this way so I can do a little window shopping."
"Just me and my doll taking a drive around the mall. (OK... it's really cousin Avery's doll... but don't tell her I "borrowed" it ok? She might get a little mad at me.)"

Dinner at Louie and Maria's Restaurant.
"Uncle Jim cooked me this yummy penne and broccoli. It's not really on the menu, but it was made special just for me!"
"Yummy Delicious!"