So much for posting...

I know... in my last post I mentioned that I might squeeze in a post here or there while I was in Florida. I guess you can see it didn't happen.


I was very busy doing nothing. Doing nothing is quite time consuming. And now, after 2 weeks of doing next to nothing in Florida... I'm exhausted. It will probably take me another week to recuperate and get back into the normal swing of things.

I do have about 300 pictures of Zoe and Ana doing Florida type stuff. I'll share those soon. Oh... and maybe I might actually post a few Christmas pictures. I suddenly realized I never really shared Christmas. Anyone up for a little Christmas in January?

Until I get back to my blogging self... just know I missed you all while I was in Florida.
(Well, not you Grammy, PopPop, Jim, Erica, Avery and Grace. We didn't miss you while we were in Florida. We miss you now. Zoe especially misses her BFF Avery (heehee). She got on the plane, buckled her seat belt, and announced "I miss my Avery already." sniffle sniffle. How soon until we get more frequent flyer miles???)