So... how's that NaBloPoMo thing going for ya?

I noticed the date and I just found myself thinking "Wow, it's November 8th... I've actually succeeded at getting a post written every day for a whole week so far!  Yeah!  I've got 7 post up on 7 days in a row!"

I'm quite impressed with myself.  Looking back over the months I realized I only posted 6 times in all of October, 6 times in all of September, only 5 times in August (and I even went to BlogHer that month!) and 9 times in July.  Early in the year it was at least 9 times or more per month.  Still... compared to other years my blog has had a rather pathetic showing in 2011.

So, yes, I'm quite impressed with my 7 posts on the last 7 days.

I felt like I worked on my blog a lot today... and then I suddenly realized I actually didn't post here at A Madison Mom... which is necessary if I'm going to be a successful NaBloPoMoer!!!

I hear you asking "Well Colleen... then where in the world were you posting if you weren't posting here?"  (Right?  You were totally asking that?)

I'm afraid it's really not all that exciting but I figured I would share.  For those of you that don't know (or forgot) I decided in 2010 to join the "100 books in 2010" challenge (which I failed at miserably).  I started listing my reading list at A Madison Mom's Reading List (I know, clever blog name, right?).  This year I decided not to formally accept the 100 books challenge... but that I would keep listing my books.

Fast forward to November 2011 and I can tell you that while I've been reading up a storm I have not been posting to my Reading List regularly.  Today I decided to play a little catch up.  I posted 6 more books to my list.  Some reviews... some just the book description.  So... 6 posts today!!!

Now if I could just find the time to post the other 21 books I've read I'd be all caught up!

Do you read books?  Have you read anything in my list?  What genre do you tend to enjoy?  Any suggestions for me?