Snow Beach

The weekend before Christmas we got bunches and bunches of snow. Zoe was thrilled and could not wait to put her new snow boots and snow pants to use. (I was not so thrilled. I don't really like snow. Unless I'm looking out the window at it. Then I like it.)

Like I said... Zoe was thrilled. I think she might roll around in it naked if we let her. (Ok... well maybe that's a tad bit of an exaggeration.)

She just loves sitting in the snow... and laying in the snow... and digging in the snow. (Look, there in the backround.... Nick breaking the snowblower. I actually had to get a shovel and help this year. Ugh.)

Then she started to get this look on her face. The "what in the world are we doing out here in this freezing cold???" look. (Or maybe that's "Mom, why didn't you buy me a real sled... this Rubbermaid bin is a crappy sled substitute.)

So, she did the logical thing. She told us she was at the beach... and she was warm and toasty.

She's just a snow lover. All pink cheeked and happy.

Hey Grammy and PopPop? I think it's time for us to come to Florida for a visit.