Today's theme at Picture This! is friends. I had this really great idea to get a picture of Zoe with her "sleepy friends" (you know... that pile of stuffed animals in her crib). Zoe was having none of that today, though. While she was sleeping she slept as far away from them as possible while still being in the same crib. Some of her "friends" were even taking their snooze on the floor today. While she was awake she was in her best "I'm practicing for my terrible twos" mood. So... Zoe and her "sleepy friends" were a no go for this post. So I went searching through hundreds and hundreds of digital pictures trying to find something that could fit the friends theme. I'm amazed at how few digital pictures I have of our friends. The pictures I do have are generally of just one friend... and of course almost no pictures of myself with my friends. So I looked through our "pre-digital" pictures. I tried scanning in a few good pictures I found... but they ended up looking awful.

I finally came up with 3 really great pictures of Zoe with her cousin Alex. Since Zoe was born, Alex has been smitten with Zoe... and as Zoe has gotten older she returns the fondness. She just loves her cousin "Ax". So I found photographic proof of their growing friendship.