Dear Zoe,

I was reminded of something today.

A month or 2 ago we were all (Grammy, PopPop, Daddy, Mommy and you) sitting in the TV room. You suddenly got up, without a word, and left the room. That wasn't unusual. You're definitely starting to have your own mind about what you're doing and when you're doing it. We all sat and listened to see if we could hear you. It sounded like you were playing in "your kitchen drawer" and then it got quiet. A minute (maybe) passed. All of a sudden you're standing in the doorway holding the box of strawberries. You held it up, said "bay-yees", and we all laughed. It was just so surprising. The first time you got it in your mind that it was time to snack and just helped yourself. I think if you could've gotten the box open we would've found you sitting in the kitchen covered in berries.

Today this was brought into my mind because you did it again. This time you told Daddy and I ahead of time. You just suddenly said "snack?" After repeating it for us a couple times you lead me to the kitchen (another new thing... you grab my hand and lead me to things you want). You opened the refrigerator and looked around a bit. You finally made your decision and as you grabbed the container of leftover noodles you announced "nuddles" (said like puddles). "Nuddles, nuddles, nuddles." You ate almost the whole container.

You're just becoming such a big girl.