Smartie Pants


Dear Zoe,

Sometimes you shock me with the things you come up with. I'm not sure how your brain works, or how you process things to remember what you do. You're not even 2 years old and the things you think amaze me.

This morning you were in your crib and I was pulling your clothes out to wear for the day. I opened the shirt drawer and picked a shirt. I put it on you while you were still in the crib (you just love to run away when we try to dress you!). Before I could close the drawer you started yelling "Ina! Ina's shirt! Ina's shirt!" It took me a minute to figure out. But, there in the drawer was your new ladybug t-shirt. The one I just bought you that you hadn't worn yet. The one I also bought for cousin Nina (in the matching onesie version). The one she just wore at their picnic on Saturday. That was 5 days ago! You saw her in it for a couple hours! How did you remember that??? Such a smartie you are.

Oh, here's another thing that surprised me. You have been saying your "ABCs" and "counting" for quite a while now. I can't even say for sure when I first heard you chanting them. I can tell you that you can count to 13... and this is because we have 13 stairs that we count each time we go up and down them. Sometimes you miss a number when you do it on your own. Or you skip "1" (Why don't you like 1?). Or you start at 8. But, sometimes you count straight from 1-13. But you surprised me this week. You counted in Spanish! I know that on Fridays in school Franklin (one of your teachers) has a little "lesson" with your toddler class. I know you've said "hola" quite a few times. But you counted in Spanish!!! No prompting. Just suddenly felt the urge to count in Spanish. You blow me away.

I know lots of moms think their kids are smart... but, boy Zoe, you're just the smartest!

Love you,