Silent Night: The One Hour Madison Mom Shopping Spree


These days alone time is precious. The opportunity to run an errand, go to the gym, or shop by myself is rare. And while I covet the convenience of Amazon Prime, I enjoy brick and mortar shopping, especially locally. So when I was able to steal some time to shop in town sans children I jumped at the chance.

First Stop: Tons of Toys

In addition to a few last-minute Christmas gifts, I also had an impending birthday party to consider. I needed something special and I wanted it gift wrapped. I was in and out in under ten minutes, which I consider a small miracle.

Second Stop: Madison Pharmacy

One of my favorite traditions is purchasing my girls a new holiday ornament each year. I like to think that these ornaments will mark the milestones in their lives and accompany them to their own homes and families one day. So off I went to Madison Pharmacy to purchase the town's holiday ornament to celebrate our first Christmas in Madison.

Third Stop: Sugar Rush

Hello, stocking stuffers. I absolutely adore the chance to get something sweet in a shop that screams small business.

Fourth Stop: Baba's Bakery

I'm hosting this year and don't want to mess around in the baked good department. I placed my order for pastries and grabbed a hot chocolate sample along the way.

Fifth Stop: Healthy Italia - La Buona Cucina

My Italian in-laws and their extended family are coming to town. I thought it would be nice to go the extra mile with some special treats. Here's hoping this Irish girl got it right.

It's a real treat to celebrate the season and shop locally. Too often, we worry about time, schedules, and the general calendar chaos that fills our lives. It was nice to spend an early evening hour alone with my thoughts and basking in the beauty of our town. It was a silent night filled with plentiful purchases.

It got me thinking that I'd love to host a night out of shopping with girlfriends followed by a holiday dinner in town. For me, this is a true opportunity to showcase our spirit and support our businesses. Perhaps this will be yet another new holiday tradition. Maybe it can be something more too. I'm sure there's a way to support a local cause as well. Here's hoping that as I think about this idea and build upon it, I see you around town enjoying some 'you' time and shopping locally too.