Siding Right Along

So... this is happening right now...

The last couple of days it sounded like a battle is taking place right outside my walls.

Yesterday Ana woke up and came into the hall.  Still groggy she grumpily asked me "WHO has been knocking on MY bedroom door???"  (She reminded me of the 3 little bears.)

I texted my Mom a pic and she said it looked like a hillbilly mansion.

Zoe wondered if we're leaving it this way.

It's supposed to be done today.  It's possible that the work could ACTUALLY be done when they estimated.  (After the bathroom saga of 2007 that was supposed to be a 10 business day job but was a 34+ish business day job... I trust no estimates.)  Cross your fingers for me.

I'll post more pics when my house is gorgeous!

What's the biggest change you've made to your home lately?