What do you do when mom gets sick?


Yesterday I woke up feeling miserable. I never get really sick... so when I do it hits me hard. And yesterday it was like a ton of bricks. First, I felt like I was hung over (but unfortunately was not). I opened my eyes and the room just seemed to spin around. I tried to sit up and I just got dizzier and nauseous. Now if it weren't for Zoe down the hall waiting for me to come get her, I would have stayed right in bed. But... there she was, happily (thankfully) playing and calling every once in a while. I would feel better (slightly) and try to stand up and walk down the short hall. I'd get dizzy and totally off balance, I'd go back and sit down on the bed. I tried to imagine how I was going to get Zoe out of the crib and just broke down. Mom's don't (can't) get sick!!! And I don't break rules!!!

I finally gave in and called Nick at work. He had left just before I was getting up. He made it to work, so he had to finish up a couple things before he could come back home. So, I forced up some strength and got Zoe out of the crib and pretended (as best I could) that Mommy was just fine. We skipped the diaper, and sat on the stairs to get down them. I figured if I could get her in the high chair and eating I could just sit and wait. I've never been so thankful that she's figured out how to climb into her high chair on her own. Normally it's viewed as a bad thing. Yesterday it was a blessing. I got her a handful of cheerios, some strawberries, and a sippy of milk. I set the computer to NickJr.com. It's never loaded as slowly as it did just then. I couldn't hang on any longer and ran to the bathroom and threw up. It gave no relief.

I finished getting the computer set with NickJr videos playing, and I called for help until Nick made it home. Thank goodness my Dad is retired and lives just 3 miles away. He was over almost immediately. I called the doctor's office and got an appointment and I headed back up to bed.

I was still miserable when Nick got home. He took me to the doctor while PopPop stayed and played with Zoe. Long doctor's appointment made short... instead of having nice gray flat shiny ear drums, mine are red, round, and full of fluid. Viral infections... both ears. The doctor couldn't believe that I was just fine when I went to bed and so bad when I woke up. With prescriptions in hand we headed to the pharmacy.

I got home, where PopPop had everything under control and even had Zoe eating lunch. Nick took her and got her down for her nap. I took my medicines and went to bed and took a nap myself.

I now feel 90% better. Still get some dizziness... but thank goodness no more nausea. I hate vomiting! The medicine is working it's magic for sure. But, here's something I don't understand. One medicine was something that can be used for motion sickness to relieve nausea, dizziness, vomiting, balance problems. The second medicine was a decongestant to relieve the fluid build up, but the side effects are possible nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. How ridiculous is that??? How am I suppose to know if my being sick is still sick or just side effects? Guess I should just be grateful I'm feeling better already.

I'm now just left wondering... what do other stay at home moms do when they get sick with more than just the everyday cold or headache? I don't know what I would've done if I couldn't get a hold of Nick, or if my parents lived far away (which is a reality that is coming too quickly for me). Again, I'm just grateful I'm feeling better already.