Mom Fika: Save-the-Date

I wanted to write something clever, informative, and engaging this morning. But it’s the Monday after Mother’s Day and I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed by the blank space before me. Truth be told, I’m going through a holiday hangover. Yesterday was centered on rest. I relinquished myself to the couch or bed for naps, copious amounts of coffee, and all the little kid snuggles I could gather. But it’s back to business today and true to form, the calendar is ambitious.

We often do this to ourselves. We take a minute only to return to our regular routine immediately after. This is understandable. After all, as parents we don’t have the luxury of gentle transitions. But how’s our rest to routine ration these days? Are we taking our rest seriously? Are we making time to restore balance or foster friendships?

Trust me, I understand busy. I’m a coordinator of chaos and I often find myself trudging through the mayhem with coffee stained apparel and tiny humans in tow.

Yesterday felt incredibly sweet and long overdue. I needed some slow time. I craved good coffee in a quiet space. I was desperate for rest. And while I realize that while I can’t have Mother’s Day brunch in bed 24/7, always take a midday nap, or silently sip coffee and daydream in my favorite chair, I can make more of an effort to create and cultivate me moments.

My next me moment is really for us. A chance to take a quick break, drink some coffee, and spark some inspiration. It’s free.

There’s a million things happening, there’s never enough time, and alway something to do. But this is a quick reprieve and very much created in mind for mamas. Join me for a fika.