She's getting speedy...

Last summer Zoe started out very very very slowly on her bike.  She is a very tentative bike rider.  Quick to slam on the brakes if she even feels like she might be going even the slightest bit too fast.  It's good she's cautious... but don't try riding a bike or even walking behind her.  She really randomly brakes.

Since it's been warming up the bike has been back out and Zoe has been trying to ride as often as possible.  That's not always too easy with Ana around.  So, we've been trying to get the bike out during Ana's snooze.  Zoe believes that she is big enough to ride around the block on her own.  I, on the other hand, think she is crazy for even thinking she could possibly be that independent already.  (When do you let them ride the bike around the block alone anyway???)  Our compromise is that Zoe can ride back and forth in front of our house... about 4 houses to the left and 4 houses to the right.  Usually there are actually cars blocking those driveways so Zoe knows right where to stop.  Then I can sit on our front step with the baby monitor (and an iced coffee and my iPhone) while Ana naps.  Happy campers all around.

The bike riding has become an almost daily event so she's getting pretty good.  She has really started flying... and you can sometimes hear a "WWWEEEEEEE" as she comes all the way down the slight hill.  She's getting much more comfortable... and a little tiny bit less quick with the brakes.  We may have a pretty speedy bike rider by the end of the summer.